Alexander Dugin


Below (in alphabetical order) are the works of Alexander Dugin (1962-) available at Eurasianist Internet Archive:

Baron Ungern: God of War

Carl Schmitt’s 5 Lessons for Russia 

Counter-Hegemony in the Theory of the Multipolar World

Distributed Heartland: Towards a Multipolar Geopolitics 

“Dugin in Shanghai: International Relations and Geopolitics” 

Lecture 1 – “International Relations: Theories, Paradigms, Concepts, Schools, Debates”

Lecture 2 – “Geopolitics: Theories, Concepts, Schools, Debates”

Lecture 3 – “Multipolarity, Unipolarity, and Hegemony: Theories and Concepts”

Lecture 4- “China in International Relations: Geopolitics, Globalization, and Hegemony”

The Eurasianist Polemic in the Opposition

Eurasia: A Special Worldview

Foundations of Geopolitics

    Foreword to Foundations of Geopolitics

    The Geopolitics of the European New Right

    Moscow as an Idea  

    The Pole of the Russian Circle: Moscow’s Place in the Sacred Geography of Russia

The Fourth Political Theory and the Problem of the Devil

The Gnostic

The Great War of Continents 

Hegel and the Platonic Leap Down

Herman Wirth: Runes, Great Yule, and the Arctic Homeland

Herman Wirth and the Sacred Proto-Language of Humanity: In Search of the Holy Grail of Meanings – Part 1 

Herman Wirth’s Theory of Civilization

Horizon of the Ideal Empire

The Indo-Europeans

Introduction: The Aims and Tasks of Noomakhia 

The Logos of Europe: Catastrophe and the Horizons of Another Beginning

The Metaphysical Roots of Political Ideologies 

The Metaphysics of the Gospel:

    Christian Metaphysics: The Essence of the Problem 

     On the Third Rome

     We are the Church of the End Times

Modernization without Westernization

Modern Populism

Mysteries of EurasiaCOMING SOON IN PRINT

Foreword to Mysteries of Eurasia

Continent Russia

The Unconscious of Eurasia

The Russian Heart of the East

Russia and Virgo Solar

Siberia: The Empire of Paradise

America the “Green Country”

The Crusade against Us

The Racial Archetypes of Eurasia in the Oera Linda Chronicle

On the Question of Russian Runes

Russian Orthodoxy and Initiation

The Dormition of the Mother of God

From Sacred Geography to Geopolitics

Noomakhia: Wars of the Mind – Three Logoi: Apollo, Dionysus, Cybele

     Introduction: The Aims and Tasks of Noomakhia  

    Deconstructing the “Contemporal Moment”: New Horizons in the History of Philosophy 

Noomakhia: Wars of the Mind – Geosophy: Horizons and Civilizations 

Paradigm of the End 

Post-Anthropology: Human Society after the Crisis – Hell on Earth through the Lens of Depth Sociology

Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and his Theory of Eurasianism

Revealing Traditionalism 

The Solar Hounds of Russia 

Thinking Chaos and the “Other Beginning” of Philosophy  

Turan: The Key to Understanding the Russian Logos

Ukraine: My War – A Geopolitical Diary (Foreword)

We and the Millennium