Alexander Dugin


Below (in alphabetical order) are the works of Alexander Dugin (1962-) available at Eurasianist Internet Archive:

Baron Ungern: God of War

The Battle for the Cosmos in Eurasianist Philosophy” 

Carl Schmitt’s 5 Lessons for Russia” 

Counter-Hegemony in the Theory of the Multipolar World

Counter-Initiation: Critical Remarks on Some Aspects of the Doctrine of René Guénon

Distributed Heartland: Towards a Multipolar Geopolitics 

“Dugin in Shanghai: International Relations and Geopolitics” 

        Lecture 1 – “International Relations: Theories, Paradigms, Concepts, Schools, Debates”

        Lecture 2 – “Geopolitics: Theories, Concepts, Schools, Debates”

       Lecture 3 – “Multipolarity, Unipolarity, and Hegemony: Theories and Concepts”

       Lecture 4- “China in International Relations: Geopolitics, Globalization, and Hegemony”

The Eurasianist Polemic in the Opposition

Eurasia: A Special Worldview

Foundations of Geopolitics

The Fourth Political Theory and the Problem of the Devil

The Gnostic

The Great War of Continents 

Hegel and the Platonic Leap Down

Herman Wirth: Runes, Great Yule, and the Arctic Homeland

Herman Wirth and the Sacred Proto-Language of Humanity: In Search of the Holy Grail of Meanings – Part 1 

Herman Wirth’s Theory of Civilization

Horizon of the Ideal Empire

The Indo-Europeans

Introduction to Noomakhia (Video Lecture Series)

The Logos of Europe: Catastrophe and the Horizons of Another Beginning

“Manifesto of the New Magi”

The Metaphysical Factor in Paganism 

The Metaphysical Roots of Political Ideologies 

The Metaphysics of the Gospel: Orthodox Esotericism

Modernization without Westernization

Modern Populism

Mysteries of Eurasia

“The New Program of Philosophy”

Noomakhia: Wars of the Mind 

“Notes on Thought”

Paradigm of the End

Post-Anthropology: Human Society after the Crisis – Hell on Earth through the Lens of Depth Sociology

Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and his Theory of Eurasianism

The Radical Subject and its Double

“The Radical Subject: Alexander Dugin on the Origins of His Philosophy”

Proclaiming Traditionalism

“From Sacred Geography to Geopolitics” 

In Search of the Dark Logos: Philosophico-Theological Outlines 

The Solar Hounds of Russia 

The Star of the Invisible Empire: Jean Parvulesco

Thinking Chaos and the “Other Beginning” of Philosophy  “

Traditionalism as a Theory: Plato, Sophia and the Event

Turan: The Key to Understanding the Russian Logos

Ukraine: My War – A Geopolitical Diary (Foreword)

We and the Millennium “

“World Philosophy Day”