The Metaphysics of the Gospel: Orthodox Esotericism

Alexander Dugin, The Metaphysics of the Gospel: Orthodox Esotericism 
(Moscow: Arktogeia, 1996 / 1999 in the volume Absolute Homeland)

















Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1: Christian Metaphysics: The Essence of the Problem

Part I: The Metaphysics of Orthodox Dogma

Chapter 2: Three Aspects of the Metaphysical Absolute

Chapter 3: The Apophatic Trinity

Chapter 4: The World of Divine Energies (The Eternal Eve of Creation)

Chapter 5: Between Manifestation and Creation

Chapter 6: Bereshit bara Elohim”

Chapter 7: The Separation of the Waters

Chapter 8: The Freedom of the Creature and the Choice of Angels

Chapter 9: Paradisal Adam and Fallen Adam

Part II: The Metaphysics of Incarnation

Chapter 10: God Became Flesh (“Neither Jew Nor Hellene”) 

Chapter 11: The Evil Demiurge (A First Excursion into Gnostic Doctrines)

Chapter 12: The Freedom of the New Testament

Chapter 13: Salvation and/or Deification

Part III: The Metaphysical Aspect of the Dormition of the Mother of God

Chapter 14: The Head of the Angels

Chapter 15: The Immaculate and Barbelo

Chapter 16: The Virgin Mary and Spiritual Realization

Chapter 17: “He led me to the banquet hall”

Part IV: The Initiatic Meaning of Christian Mysteries

Chapter 18: The Mysteries of the Eastern and Western Churches

Chapter 19: The Protestant Question

Chapter 20: The Meaning of Initiation

Chapter 21: Born Again: The Lesser Mysteries

Chapter 22: The Royal Priesthood: The Greater Mysteries

Chapter 23: The Rank of Melchizedek

Chapter 24: The Eucharist and Liturgy

Chapter 25: The Pneumatic Aspect of Confession

Chapter 26: The Mystery of Marriage: The Soteriological Function of Woman

Chapter 27: The Monastic Path and the Transcendence of Love

Chapter 28: The Seraphim Mystery (Anointment)

Chapter 29: The “Consuming Fire”

Part V: The Christian Year

Chapter 30: The Metaphysics of the Year

Chapter 31: The Great Circle

Chapter 32: Orthodox Time

Chapter 33: The Symbolism of the Cross

Chapter 34: Two Mountains

Chapter 35: The Russian Year and Orthodox Tradition

Chapter 36: The Summer Chariot of Elijah the Prophet

Chapter 37: The Polar Paraskeva-Friday

Chapter 38: The Calendric “Aspiration of Creation”

Part VI: The Symbolism of the Apostolic Rank

Chapter 39: The Three Fences of the Heavenly Church

Chapter 40: The Legacies of Peter and Paul (On the Outer and Inner Church)

Chapter 41: Judea, Israel, and Counter-Initiation

Part VII: Reign and Kingdom

Chapter 42: Saints and Warriors

Chapter 43: The Symphony of Powers

Chapter 44: Theocracy and Tyranny – Judaism and Hellenism

Chapter 45: Byzantium, Katechon, and the Thousand-Year Kingdom

Chapter 46: On the Third Rome

Chapter 47: The Brief Era of the Sovereign Withholder

Chapter 48: “Let Thy Kingdom Come”

Part VIII: Christianity and Eschatology

Chapter 49: The First Times – The End Times

Chapter 50: The Pistis Sophia (A Third Excursion into Gnostic Doctrines)

Chapter 51: “There Shall Be Time No Longer”

Chapter 52: The Eighth Day

Chapter 53: Kenosis and Eschatology

Conclusion: To Become a Son of Thunder

Chapter 54: The Testament of Orthodox Metaphysics

Chapter 55: The Called, the Chosen, and Alienation

Chapter 56: The Trumpet


1. The Burning Bush

2. The Dormition of the Mother of God

3. The Order of Elijah

4. We are the Church of the End Times

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