Alexander Dugin – The Radical Subject and its Double

Alexander Dugin, The Radical Subject and its Double 

(Moscow: Eurasian Movement, 2009).


Table of Contents: 

I: The (Post-)Situation of Postmodernity

II: Post-Space and Black Miracles

III: The Darkened Enoch

IV: The Radical Subject and its Double: Towards the Ontology of the Antichrist

V: Night and its Rays

VI: Death and its Aspects

VII: Archeomodernity

VIII: Post-Anthropology: The Apocalypse of Carl Jung 


1. The Dimension of the Radical Subject

2. The New Program of Philosophy

3. “Pig Crazy”: An Interview for the Journal “Human” on the “New Program of Philosophy” 

**Excerpt: “The Radical Subject: Alexander Dugin on the Origins of his Philosophy”**

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