In Search of the Dark Logos

Alexander Dugin, In Search of the Dark Logos: Philosophico-Theological Outlines 

(Moscow: Academic Project/Department of the Sociology of International Relations, Faculty of Sociology, Moscow State University: 2013).



Part I: The Moment of Russian Philosophy

Chapter 1: The Hermeneutics of the Russian Languages

Chapter 2: The Moment of Russian Philosophy

Part II: Man and his God

Chapter 3: Three Theologies

Chapter 4: Notes on Humanism

Chapter 5: The Metamorphoses of the Angel (Oppositions and Mediations)

Part III: Open Platonism

Chapter 6: The Pre-Platonists: Sacred Thinking in Pre-Socratic Philosophy

Chapter 7: The Vertical Topography of Plato’s Philosophy

Chapter 8: Non-Dualist Platonism: Noetic Structures in Neo-Platonist Systems

Chapter 9: The Challenge of Valentinus (Dualist Platonism, Pneumatics, and the Soteriology of the Gnostic Valentinus)

Chapter 10: Christianity and Platonism: A Clarification of Proportions

Chapter 11: Platonism in Islam

Chapter 12: Kabbalah and Neo-Platonism

Chapter 13: Traditionalism as a Theory: Sophia, Plato and the Event

Chapter 14: Platonopolis (Plato and the Platonists’ Philosophy of Politics)

Part IV: The Negative Spirit and the Secret of the Urgrund

Chapter 15: Deconstructing Hegel

Chapter 16: Schelling: The Dynamic God and Hierohistory

Part VI: The Logos and its Double

Chapter 17: Thinking Chaos and the ‘Other Beginning’ of Philosophy 

Chapter 18: Hallucination and its Structures (Towards a Deconstruction of the End of the World)

Chapter 19: Overcoming Modernity with the Philosophy of Zen (On the Kyoto School of Kitarō Nishida)

Chapter 20: The Radical Subject and the Metaphysics of Pain

Chapter 21: Evgeniy Golovin’s Philosophy of Water

Chapter 22: The Last God (Martin Heidegger and the Eschatological Project of an Alternative Logos)

Chapter 23: The Logos of Dionysus

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