Alexander Dugin – Mysteries of Eurasia

Alexander Dugin, Mysteries of Eurasia (Moscow: Arktogeia, 1991)


Alexander Dugin, Mysteries of Eurasia, in Absolute Homeland (Moscow: Arktogeia, 1999). 


Table of Contents: 

Foreword to Mysteries of Eurasia (1991)

Continent Russia

The Unconscious of Eurasia

The Russian Heart of the East

Russia and Virgo Solar

Siberia: The Empire of Paradise

America the “Green Country”

The Crusade against Us

The Racial Archetypes of Eurasia in the Oera Linda Chronicle

On the Question of Russian Runes

Russian Orthodoxy and Initiation

The Dormition of the Mother of God

The Cosmic Savior (Two Great Symbols)

The Mystery of the Letter Ж (“Zhivite”)

The Cherubim Letter

From Sacred Geography to Geopolitics

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