Eurasianist Internet Archive, launched in January 2016, is an initiative dedicated to translating into English and disseminating the works of historical and contemporary Eurasianist thinkers.

Despite growing interest in Eurasianist thought and the increasing prominence of its political and scholarly representatives, the majority of Eurasianist works have not seen the light of day in English translation and many which have been translated are of poor quality and remain scattered all over the web.

The Eurasianist Internet Archive project seeks to gather, review, edit, and republish existing translations as well as provide new, original English-language translations of various books, articles, interviews, and other materials by prominent Eurasianists. We believe that increased access to the works and thought of Eurasianism will benefit academic research as well as help inform analysts and political movements seeking to understand global and Eurasia-centered processes.

Eurasianist Internet Archive is:

Jafe Arnold – Editor, Project Manager, Translator

Joaquin Flores – Project Manager, International Coordinator

All re-publications of materials published by Eurasianist Internet Archive must cite both Eurasianist Internet Archive (with link) and the name of the relevant translator. 

To contact the editor, send an email to jarnoldski@gmail.com