NOOMAKHIA – The Logos of Africa: The People of the Black Sun

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Logos of Africa: The People of the Black Sun

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2018)

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Black Africa

PART I: The Logos of the Nilotes: The Apotheosis of Androcracy

Chapter 1: The Nilo-Saharan Horizon

Chapter 2: The Nilotes and Androcracy

Chapter 3: The Nilo-Saharan States: The Gestalt of Adroa

PART II: West Africa: The Black Mother and Imperial Verticles

Chapter 4: The Niger-Congolese Languages and Peoples

Chapter 5: The First African Empires: The Mande Horizon

Chapter 6: The Paradigms of the Bambara and the Dogon

Chapter 7: The Atlantic Family of West Africa: The Maternal Presence

Chapter 8: The Spirit of Swamps and “Being a Negro”

Chapter 9: The Solar Pole of the Yoruba

Chapter 10: The West-African Frontier: The Kwa and the Gur

Chapter 11: The Adamawa-Ubangi Horizon: The Soul of Witchcraft

PART III: The Bantu Ecumene: The Metaphysics of Strength and the Ontology of Witchcraft

Chapter 12: The Bantu Languages and Peoples of Strength

Chapter 13: Great Zimbabwe and its Legacy

Chapter 14: The Secret of the Chwezi of Light

Chapter 15: The Civilization of the Congo: Peoples and Polities

Chapter 16: South Africa

Chapter 17: The Structure of Bantu Mythology and the Leopard-People

PART IV: The Pygmies and Khoisan: The Greatness of Little

Chapter 18: The Pygmies: The Little Dances of God

Chapter 19: The San Bushmen: The Geometrical Dreams of the Cave Hunt

Chapter 20: The Hottentots (Khoikhoi): On the Side of the Red Sky 

Conclusion: The Flaming-Face Peoples and their Logos

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