NOOMAKHIA – The Hamites: The Civilization of the African North

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Hamites: The Civilization of the African North 

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2018)


Table of Contents: 


Introduction: Continent Africa: Horizons and Civilizations

PART I: The Logos of Egypt: The Black Lands and the Sun of the Pharaohs

Chapter 1: The First Kingdoms: Matriarchy, Pharaohs, and the Constants of the Historial

Chapter 2: The New Kingdom and the Path to Decline

Chapter 3: The Gods of Egypt: Theology, Cosmology, and Gestalts

Chapter 4: Egypt and Death

Chapter 5: Alexandria: The Capital of Great Ideas

Chapter 6: The Spiritual Traditions of Late Hellenistic Egypt

Chapter 7: Islamization and Arabization

Chapter 8: Modern Egypt: Independence and the Search for Identity

PART II: The Berber Horizon: The Pull of the Far West

Chapter 9: The Libyan Horizon: Cultures, Peoples, and Territories

Chapter 10: The Religion and Noology of White Africa

Chapter 11: The Berbers in the Islamic Era

Chapter 12: The Post-Colonial History of the Maghreb: Typologies of Berber Nationalism

PART III: Civilization of the Kush and the Ethiopian Mission

Chapter 13: The Kushite Horizon

Chapter 14: The Ancient Kingdoms of Kush, Nubia, and Meroë

Chapter 15: The Islamization of Nubia and Sudan

Chapter 16: The Ethiopian Zion: The Pearl of the Spirit

Chapter 17: Somalia: Puntland and the Black Chaos of Islamism

Chapter 18: In Search of the Kushite Logos

PART IV: The Negroes of Afro-Asia: The Culture of the Chadian Peoples

Chapter 19: Hausaland and the Chadian Languages

Chapter 20: The Historial of Hausa

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