NOOMAKHIA – The Russian Logos II – The Russian Historial: The People and State in Search of the Subject

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Russian Logos II – The Russian Historial: The People and State in Search of the Subject

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2019)


Table of Contents: 

PART I: Russian Origins and the Creation of the Derzhava

Chapter 1: Prelude to the Russian Historial: The Ancient Slavs

Chapter 2: The East Slavic Tribes and the Establishment of the State

Chapter 3: The Varangians: The Founding of the State

Chapter 4: Kievan Rus: The Golden Age

PART II: Differentials and Fragmentations

Chapter 5: The Poles of Rus: The Russian North

Chapter 6: The Russian East: The Origins of the Great Russians

Chapter 7: The Russian West: The Path to Eminence

Chapter 8: The Sources of White Rus

Chapter 9: Russian Balance: The Third Pole that Never Became Reality

Chapter 10: Kiev and the Kiev Region in the Era of Fragmentation

Chapter 11: The Russian Federation

Chapter 12: The Types of Russian Christianity in the Pre-Mongol Era

PART III: The Mongol Invasion, the Rise of Moscow, and the Decline of the Russian West

Chapter 13: The Mongol Period: The End as a Continuation and New Beginning

Chapter 14: Vladimir Rus in the Mongol Era

Chapter 15: Western Rus, Great Russia, Little Russia, and Belorussia: The Differentials of Russian Unity

Chapter 16: Russian Hesychasm and the First Heresies

PART IV: The Muscovite Kingdom: The Third Rome, Katechon, and the Schism

Chapter 17: The New Mission of Great Russia 

Chapter 18: Ivan the Terrible: The Existential Eschatology of the First Russian Tsar

Chapter 19: The Time of Troubles and its Overcoming

Chapter 20: The Cossacks and the Birth of Ukraine

Chapter 21: The Schism: The Spiritual Tendencies of Rus in the Phase of Antagonism

Chapter 22: Moscow’s Final Accord

PART V: The Russian “Empire” and the Problem of the Antichrist: Peter and the Empresses

Chapter 23: The Discrepancy of the 18th Century

Chapter 24: The Structure of the 18th Century: The Curse of Archeomodernity

PART VI: The 19th Century: Towards Russian Identity

Chapter 25: The 19th Century Historial: The Beginning

Chapter 26: Alexander I: Political Eschatology and the Return of Katechon

Chapter 27: Russia in the “Golden Age” of Russian Culture: The Decembrists, Slavophiles, and Emancipation of the Peasantry

Chapter 28: Alexander II: Incomplete Emancipation

Chapter 29: Alexander III: Identity and Sovereignty

Chapter 30: The Late Slavophiles and Populists: The Dialectic of Archeomodernity

Chapter 31: The End of the Empire

Chapter 32: The Silver Age

PART VII: Soviet Rus

Chapter 33: The Catastrophe of the Russian Logos

Chapter 34: The Russian Church in the First Stage of Bolshevism

Chapter 35: Trotsky and Stalin: The Industrialization of Russia

Chapter 36: The Autumn of Sovietism

Chapter 37: The USSR: The Semantics of the End

PART VIII: After the End of Bolshevism

Chapter 38: The 1990s: The Catastrophe of Liberalism

Chapter 39: The 2000s: Towards an Unknown Goal (Correcting Liberalism)

Chapter 40: The Historial of the Russian Future

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