NOOMAKHIA – The Russian Logos – The Kingdom of Land: The Structure of Russian Identity

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Russian Logos I – The Kingdom of Land: The Structure of Russian Identity (Moscow: Academic Project, 2019)

Table of Contents: 

PART I: The Russian Horizon

Chapter 1: On the Threshold of the Russian Logos

Chapter 2: Deducing the Russian Horizon and the Contours of Unique Identity (Samobytnost’)

Chapter 3: Russian Christianity and its Historial

Chapter 4: Russia and Europe: The Noology of Modernization

Chapter 5: The Russian Structure and the Russian Historial: A Preliminary Theory

Chapter 6: Russian Eleusis: The Peasant Historial and the Mystery of Grain

PART II: The Russian Mother

Chapter 7: Foundations: The Russian Mother

Chapter 8: The Idiot and the Snake: The Russian Nocturne

Chapter 9: The Feminine Gestalts in Folk Christianity

PART III: The Russian Father

Chapter 10: The Indo-European Verticle in Old Russian Religion

Chapter 11: The Patriarchal Gestalts in Folk Christianity

PART IV: The Morphology of the Russian Structure

Chapter 12: The Russian Space: Territory or Land?

Chapter 13: State Time and Peasant Eternity

Chapter 14: The Russian Subject and the Archetypes of Russian Gender

PART V: World, Existence, Being

Chapter 15: The Superposition of the Two Russian Worlds

Chapter 16: The Russian Telos: Being-towards-Death and Being-towards-Marriage

Chapter 17: Russian Phenomenology and Russian Being

Conclusion: Russian Identity and the Dialectic of the Russian Historial

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