NOOMAKHIA – The Non-Slavic Horizons of Eastern Europe: The Song of the Vampire and the Voice of the Depths

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – Wars of the Mind – The Non-Slavic Horizons of Eastern Europe: The Song of the Vampire and the Voice of the Depths
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2018)

Table of Contents: 

Introduction: The Slavs and Non-Slavs in Eastern Europe

PART I: Great Baltica: The Lithuanian Logos and Unrealized Civilization

Chapter 1: The Proto-Balts

Chapter 2: On the Baltic Gods and Baltic People

Chapter 3: The Lithuanian Historial

Chapter 4: The Historial of Latvia

Chapter 5: Baltic Philosophy: Overcoming Subtle Chaos

PART II: Black Dacia: Mioritic Space and the Romanian Idea

Chapter 6: The Thracians and their Identity

Chapter 7: Images and Structures of Thracian Religion

Chapter 8: Thrace and Dacia: Polities and Conquests

Chapter 9: Dacia Unbowed

Chapter 10: The Gods of Dacia

Chapter 11: The Transylvanian Historial

Chapter 12: Walachia: The Orthodox Kingdom of Dracula

Chapter 13: Moldova and its Historial

Chapter 14: Romania in the 20th Century

Chapter 15: The Burning Bush of Romanian Thought

Chapter 16: The Romanian Absurd: The Dark Horizons of Decomposition

PART III: The Hungarians and the Scythian Idea

Chapter 17: The Magyars in Europe

Chapter 18: The Ancient Magyar Faith

Chapter 19: Medieval Hungary

Chapter 20: Hungary and Modernization

Chapter 21: The Hungarian Language and its Poetry

Chapter 22: In Anticipation of Hungarian Philosophy

Chapter 23: Black Hungary: In the Captivity of Melancholy

PART IV: From Illyria to Albania: Dragons and Warriors

Chapter 24: Albanian Antiquities

Chapter 25: Albanian Myths: Female and Male Dragons

Chapter 26: The Albanian Historial

Chapter 27: The Albanian Logos

Chapter 28: The Noology of the Albanian Eagle

PART V: The Jews of Eastern Europe: The Fiery Nihilism of Liberation

Chapter 29: Hypotheses on the Jewish Horizon of Eastern Europe

Chapter 30: The Spiritual Currents of Eastern European Jewry

Chapter 31: Eastern European Jews and Political Ideologies

Chapter 32: The Gestalts of Eastern European Jewry

Chapter 33: The Roma

Chapter 34: Gypsy Sacrality

Chapter 35: The Noology of Gypsy Identity

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