NOOMAKHIA – The Yellow Dragon: The Civilizations of the Far East

Alexander Dugin, NoomakhiaThe Yellow Dragon: The Civilizations of the Far East
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2018)

Table of Contents:

PART I: The Chinese Logos

Chapter 1: Principles for Comprehending Chinese Civilization

Chapter 2: The Chinese People and its Structures

Chapter 3: The Foundations of Chinese Metaphysics

Chapter 4: The Noology of the Ancient Chinese Tradition

Chapter 5: The Metaphysics of First Principles: The Sources of the Historial

Chapter 6: The Beginnings of Chinese Philosophy: Confucius

Chapter 7: Taoism

Chapter 8: Other Doctrines: Zou Yan, Mozi, and the Legalists

Chapter 9: The Qin Empire of the Spirit of Water

Chapter 10: The Han

Chapter 11: The Three Kingdoms

Chapter 12: The Han-Turanian Symbiosis

Chapter 13: Chinese Buddhism: The Third Religion

Chapter 14: The Song Empire: The Restoration of Unity

Chapter 15: The Yuan Dynasty: China in Greater Eurasia

Chapter 16: The Ming Dynasty: Han Restoration

Chapter 17: The Qing Dynasty: The Manchurian Mandate

Chapter 18: The White Lotus and Thalassocracy

Chapter 19: Post-Imperial China

PART II: The Korean Logos: The Peninsula of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 20: Ancient Korea

Chapter 21: Medieval Korea

Chapter 22: Korea vs. Korea

Chapter 23: Buddhism in Korea

PART III: The Japanese Logos: The Irreversibility of the Arrow

Chapter 24: The Japanese Structure

Chapter 25: Shinto: The Qualitative Transformation of the Chinese Logos

Chapter 26: The Phases of the Japanese Historial

Chapter 27: Buddhism in Japan: The First Stage

Chapter 28: The Shogun Era

Chapter 29: The Second Stage of Japanese Buddhism: The Triumph of the Zen School

Chapter 30: From Edo to Meiji: Japan and Modernization

Chapter 31: Japan in the 20th Century

Chapter 32: In Search of Japanese Identity

Chapter 33: Japanese (Post-)Modernity

PART IV: Indochina: The Space of the Nagi and the Indo-Buddhist Mandala-States

Chapter 34: The Structure and Mission of the Indochinese Horizon

Chapter 35: Vietnam

Chapter 36: Cambodia

Chapter 37: Thailand (Siam)

Chapter 38: Laos

Chapter 39: Myanmar

Chapter 40: Hmongs and Muongs (Miao and Yao)

Chapter 41: The Geosophy of Indochina

Chapter 42: The Logos and Geosophy of the Yellow Dragon

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