The Iranian Logos: The War of Light and the Culture of Awaiting

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – Wars of the Mind: The Iranian Logos: The War of Light and the Culture of Awaiting 
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2016)

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: Iran in Expectation of (the End of) Light

Part I: Ancient Iran: The Solar Sources of the World Empire

Chapter 1: The Indo-Europeans

Chapter 2: The Indo-European Element

Chapter 3: Ancient Persian Noology

Chapter 4: The Zoroastrian Historial: Three World Epochs

Chapter 5: Aryan Man

Chapter 6: The Battle for Khvarenah

Part II: The Second Kingdom and its Echoes 

Chapter 7: The Idea of Empire

Chapter 8: The Achaemenis: The Creation of Empire

Chapter 9: Iran and Judaism

Chapter 10: Iran and Hellenism

Chapter 11: Sassanid Iran

Chapter 12: The Explicit Logos of Iran

Part III: Islamic Iran

Chapter 13: The First Stage of Islamization and the Iranian Rendition 

Chapter 14: The Iranian Factor in the Abassid Caliphate

Chapter 15: Al-Falasifa and the Meeting of Persians and Greeks

Part IV: The Persians and atTasawwuf 

Chapter 16: Inner Islam and the Persians

Chapter 17: The Sufi Apotheosis of Love

Chapter 18: The Ausdruck Stage in the History of Sufism 

PART V: Iran and Shia

Chapter 19: The Foundations of Shi’ism

Chapter 20: The Dual-Leveled Topography of Shi’ism: Nubuvvat and Valayat

Chapter 21: The Seveners: The Open and Secret Empires 

Chapter 22: The Fallen Logos of Isma’ilism

Chapter 23: ʿIshraq: Shahab Yahya Suhrawardi

Part VI: After the Abbasids

Chapter 24: The Post-Abbasid Historial of Iran

Chapter 25: The Philosophy of Iranian Existentialism

Part VII: Iran in Modernity 

Chapter 26: Shi’ite Iran under the Qajar Dynasty 

Chapter 27: The Darkness of the West and the Shi’ite Revolution of Light 

Conclusion: Global Iran 

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