Noomakhia: The Latin Logos: The Sun and the Cross

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia: Wars of the Mind  – The Latin Logos: The Sun and the Cross
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2016)

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 5.03.43 PM

Foreword: The Latin Logos and the European Cross 

Part I: Italy: The Imperial Mysteries of Rome 

Chapter 1: Rome: The Scales and Contours of Civilization

Chapter 2: Roman Reality

Chapter 3: The Roman Mentality in the Context of Mediterranean and Indo-European Civilization(s)

Chapter 4: The Empire as an Idea

Chapter 5: Latin Philosophy: The Structure of the Hellenic Shadow

Chapter 6: Latin Poetry: Love or Empire?

Chapter 7: Christianity and Empire

Chapter 8: Catholic Rome

Chapter 9: Roman Neo-Platonism

Chapter 10: The Polities of Italy in the Middle Ages

Chapter 11: The Polities of Italy in the 11th-15th Centuries

Chapter 12: The Italian Metaphysics of Poverty and the Third Testament

Chapter 13: The Florentine Geniuses under the Authority of Amor

Chapter 14: The Florentine Logos of the Renaissance

Chapter 15: The Blossoming of Venice

Chapter 16: The Giants Awaken: Towards Modernity 

Chapter 17: Political Modernity in Renaissance Italy 

Chapter 18: The Counter-Reformation and the Semantics of Baroque 

Chapter 19: Risorgimento and the New Italy

Chapter 20: The Ideological Origins of the 1920s: Hegel, Futurism, and Tradizione Romana

Chapter 21: Post-Fascism and Intellectual Currents in Modern Italy

Chapter 22: The Layers of the Italian Logos

Part II: Spain: The Eternal Middle Ages

Chapter 23: The Geosophy of Iberia 

Chapter 24: Conquista and Reconquista 

Chapter 25: Reconquista in the Sphere of Metaphysics

Chapter 26: The Un-Setting Sun of Castile 

Chapter 27: Mysticism and Scholasticism in Renaissance Spain

Chapter 28: The Metaphysics of the Spanish Jesuits 

Chapter 29: The ‘Golden Age’ and the Dawn of Knights

Chapter 30: The Political Historial of Spain in the 18th-20th Centuries: Spanish Archeomodernity

Chapter 31: The Spanish Dasein: The Devil and Dictatorship 

Chapter 32: The Structure of the Spanish Historial

Chapter 33: Basque Civilization: Traces of the Great Mother’s Europe

Part III: Portugal: Towards the Fifth Empire

Chapter 34: From Lusitania to Portugal

Chapter 35: The Fifth Empire of Sea

Chapter 36: Portugal in Modernity

Chapter 37: Saudade

Chapter 38: The Noology of Portugal 


The Latin Logos: The Sun and the Cross, continues Alexander Dugin’s Noomakhia cycle in describing another Western European space in its foundational, unique culturo-historical components – those of the Latin world of Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Having taken shape in antiquity and reached its apogee in the era of the rise of Rome, the Latin Logos became the pole of Western Christianity, determining both the culture of the European Middle Ages and the religious and geopolitical balance of European countries in Modernity as a stronghold of Catholicism, the Counter-Reformation, and conservatism.” 


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