Noomakhia: The Hellenic Logos – The Valley of Truth 

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia: The Hellenic Logos – The Valley of Truth 
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2016)

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 5.04.03 PM

Table of Contents: 

Preface: The Semantics of Greece 

Part I: The Titanomakhia of the Hellenes: Gods and History

Chapter 1: The Ethno-Titanomakhia of the Mediterranean

Chapter 2: The Great Battles of the Eternal Beginning

Chapter 3: Cosmo-Hellenism: Gods and Meanings

Chapter 4: The Heroes: Destiny or Fate?   

Chapter 5: The Alphabet of the Gods

Chapter 6: Greece’s Periods

Part II: The Withdrawal of the Gods and the Epiphany of Man

Chapter 7: The Poetic Anthropology of Ancient Greece

Chapter 8: The Archaic Era: The Polis

Chapter 9: The Split Logos of Orphism: Proto-Philosophy

Chapter 10: The Ionian School: The Invasion of Substance

Chapter 11: The Philosophy of Greater Greece: The Paths of the Sky

Chapter 12: The Light of Poetry: The Tragiographs and Lyrics of Archaic Hellas

Chapter 13: The Peloponnesian War: The Beginning of the Classical Era

Chapter 14: Platonism: The Philosophy of Divinity

Chapter 15: The Mission of the Abderites: Relativity and Atoms

Chapter 16: The Echo of the Steps of Dionysus: The Tragedy and Comedy of the Classical Era

Chapter 17: Aristotle: The Classical Philosophical Culmination 

Chapter 18: The End of Hellas and the Eternal Hellenes 

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