Noomakhia: The Civilizations of the New World – Pragmatic Dreams and Split Horizons

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia: The Civilizations of the New World – Pragmatic Dreams and Split Horizons
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2017)



Table of Contents: 


Part I: North American Civilization: The New Atlantis

Chapter 1: America in the Structure of the World

Chapter 2: Native American Horizons: Spirits and Animals

Chapter 3: The Sources of Anglo-Saxon America

Chapter 4: North American Civilization and its Foundations

Chapter 5: The Eschatological Perspectives of American Sects

Chapter 6: American Philosophy: Pragmatism

Chapter 7: The Literary Classics of the US: The Sea and Flesh of Homo Americanus

Chapter 8: The Poetry of Alternative Horizons

Chapter 9: American Liberalism

Chapter 10: Analytical Philosophy

Chapter 11: Cultural Anthropology

Chapter 12: 20th Century American Literature

Chapter 13: American Counter-Culture

Chapter 14: American Geopolitics: Globalization, Atlanticism, and Hegemony

Chapter 15: Critical Theories of Globalization: Deconstructing ‘Empire’

Chapter 16: The USA: The Civilization of Post-Modernity

Chapter 17: The Horizons of New France

Chapter 18: Russian America and Types of Colonization

Part II: The Logos of Ariel: Horizons of Latin America

Chapter 19: The Structure of the Latin American Space

Chapter 20: The Civilizations of Central America

Chapter 21: The Civilizations of South America

Chapter 22: Colonial Empires

Chapter 23: Decolonization

Chapter 24: Great Brazil

Chapter 25: Latin American Philosophy of Identity

Chapter 26: The Identity of Creole Dreams


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