NOOMAKHIA – The Images of Russian Thought: The Solar Tsar, the Flash of Sophia, and Subterranean Rus’

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Russian Logos III – The Images of Russian Thought: The Solar Tsar, the Flash of Sophia, and Subterranean Rus’

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2020)


Table of Contents: 

Introduction: Towards the Morphology of Russian Self-Consciousness

PART I: The Apollonian Logos: The State and Orthodoxy

Chapter 1: Forms of the Apollonian Logos

Chapter 2: Prince Vladimir and the Russian Logos

Chapter 3: The Pre-Mongol Ideology of the Era of Fragmentation

Chapter 4: The Russian State Logos in the Mongol Era

Chapter 5: The Eschatological Rise of the Muscovite Logos

Chapter 6: The Being-Towards-Death of Ivan the Terrible

Chapter 7: The Time of Troubles and the Beginning of the Romanovs

Chapter 8: The Schism

Chapter 9: The Philosophy of Silence

Chapter 10: The 18th Century: The Desacralization of the State and the Hesychastic Renaissance

Chapter 11: The 19th Century: The Conservative Pivot

Chapter 12: The Lyubomudry and the Slavophiles: The Premises of Russian Philosophy

Chapter 13: Apollo in the Silver Age

Chapter 14: Eschatological Monarchism

Chapter 15: Russian Orthodoxy in the 20th Century: Eschatology and the Theological Renaissance

Chapter 16: Eurasianism and Russian Traditionalism

PART II: The Logos of Dionysus: The Thought of the Russian People

Chapter 17: The Existential Philosophy of the Russian Peasantry

Chapter 18: The Phenomenological Foundations of Russian Folk Christianity

Chapter 19: Conceptualizing Land

Chapter 20: Pushkin’s Mission: The Language of Magical Tales and the Gestalt of the Small Man

Chapter 21: Gogol: The Paradisal Ontology of the Little-Russian Archaic 

Chapter 22: Dostoevsky and the Slavophile Universe

Chapter 23: The Philosophical Prophet Vladimir Solovyev: The Paradoxes of the Sophian Logos

Chapter 24: Pavel Florensky: Sociology as the Formalization of the Logos of Dionysus

Chapter 25: Sophiology in Russia and Beyond

Chapter 26: The Silver Age: The Third Renaissance and the Third Testament

Chapter 27: The Women of the Russian Logos: Gnosticism and The Road to Calvary

Chapter 28: Passion for Holy Rus: Sophia and Her Double

Chapter 29: The Russian Antinomies of the Peasant Prophets

Chapter 30: The Peasant Subject in Russian Politics

Chapter 31: Dionysus Returns

PART III: The Russian Logos of the Great Mother

Chapter 32: Cybele in Russian Antiquity

Chapter 33: The Dialectic of the Titan as the Gestalt of Russian Archeomodernity

Chapter 34: The Demons of Russian Culture

Chapter 35: Reconstructed Materialism and Russian Cosmism

Chapter 36: The Silver Age in the Black Light of Land

Chapter 37: Prometheus the Proletarian

Chapter 38: Proletarian Mysticism

Chapter 39: The Subterranean Rus of Daniil Andreev

Chapter 40: The Truth of Cybele and the Awakening of the Radical Subject on Yuzhinsky Alleyway

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