NOOMAKHIA – The Semites: Monotheism of the Moon and the Gestalt of Ba’al

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Semites: Monotheism of the Moon and the Gestalt of Ba’al
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2017)


Table of Contents: 

Foreword: The Poles of the Semitic World

PART I: The East Semites: The Mesopotamian Logos

Chapter 1: Great Sumer and its Legacy

Chapter 2: The Gods of Mesopotamia 

Chapter 3: The Structure of the Mesopotamian Logos: Noological Proportions

PART II: The West Semites: Ba’al, the Bloody God of Thunder

Chapter 4: West-Semitic Antiquity

Chapter 5: The Religion of the West Semites: The Paradigm of Ba’al

Chapter 6: The Metaphysics of the Phoenicians 

Chapter 7: Aramaic Culture

PART III: The Jews and Civilization

Chapter 8: The Ancient Jews: The Historial of Monotheism

Chapter 9: From Adam to Babylon

Chapter 10: The Patriarchs

Chapter 11: The Return to Canaan: The Paradoxes of Land

Chapter 12: The Canaanite Logos and the Paradoxes of Negative Identity

Chapter 13: Israel as a Kingdom

Chapter 14: The Time of the Prophets and the Iranian Pivot of the Jewish Historial

Chapter 15: Late Judaism in the Empire of Light

Chapter 16: Christianity and Judaism

Chapter 17: The Civilization of Exile 

Chapter 18: Awakening Ba’al: Pseudo-Messiahs and Holy Apostasy

Chapter 19: Judaism and Modernity

Chapter 20: A Noological Analysis of Jewish Identity

PART IV: The Arab Logos: The Secret of the Moon

Chapter 21: Arabian Identity

Chapter 22: Arab Polytheism

Chapter 23: On the Eve of Islam

Chapter 24: The Beginning of Islam

Chapter 25: The Historico-Theological Phases of Islamic Civilization

Chapter 26: Abbasid Islam: The Universalization of Discourse

Chapter 27: Arab Alchemy

Chapter 28: Sufism and its Logos: The Solar Monotheism of Ibn Arabi 

Chapter 29: Post-Arab Islam

Chapter 30: Ibn Khaldun: The Sociology of Islam

Chapter 31: Modern Islam: Identity and the Postcolonial Complex

Chapter 32: The Noology of Islam

Conclusion: The Versions and Types of the Semitic Logos



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