NOOMAKHIA – The Logos of Europe: Mediterranean Civilization in Time and Space

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Logos of Europe: Mediterranean Civilization in Time and Space

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2014)


Table of Contents: 

PART I: Geosophy: The Geography of Logoi

Chapter 1: The Horizontal Geography of the Logoi

Chapter 2: The Cartography of Logoi: Civilizational Nomenclatures

Chapter 3: Civilizational Systems: Criteria and Theories

PART II: The Logos of Europe

Chapter 4: Europe and the Structures of its Logos: The Victory of the Gods

Chapter 5: Martin Heidegger and Great Germany

Chapter 6: France: Seasons in Hell

Chapter 7: England: Locke’s Heartland

Chapter 8: Italy: The Empire of Hounds and the Mysteries of the Mother

Chapter 9: Spain and Portugal: Land Conquers Sea

Chapter 10: Byzantium: The Second Rome and the Truth of the Hellenes

Chapter 11: Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania: Ortho-Europe

Chapter 12: Ireland: Celtic Archaism

Chapter 13: Austria: The Mission of the Habsburg Guardians

Chapter 14: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark: Scandinavia and its Spirits

Chapter 15: Poland and Lithuania: Balto-Slavic Pride

Chapter 16: The Noology of the European Pluriversum

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