Noomakhia – Beyond the West: China, Japan, Africa, and Oceania

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – Beyond the West: China, Japan, Africa, and Oceania

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2014)


Table of Contents: 

Introduction: A Survey of Civilizational Circles

PART I: Chinese Civilization and the Chinese Logos

Chapter 1: Ancient China

Chapter 2: The Beginnings of Chinese Philosophy

Chapter 3: The Time of Kingdoms and Empires

Chapter 4: Chinese Buddhism: The Third Religion

Chapter 5: The Middle Ages and Modernity

PART II: The Japanese Logos

Chapter 6: Ancient Japan

Chapter 7: Emperors and Samurai, Buddhism and Shinto

Chapter 8: Modern Japan

PART III: The Logos of Africa

Chapter 9: Ancient Egypt

Chapter 10: The Civilizations of North Africa

Chapter 11: The Civilization of the Kush

Chapter 12: Central and South Africa

Chapter 13: The Ancient Peoples of Africa: The Pygmies and Khoisan

PART IV: The Logos of Oceania

Chapter 14: Malay Civilization

Chapter 15: Micronesia and Polynesia

Chapter 16: Melanesia and Papuasia

Chapter 17: Great Australia

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