NOOMAKHIA – The Byzantine Logos: Hellenism and Empire

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – The Byzantine Logos: Hellenism and Empire 
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2016)

Table of Contents: 


Part I: Hellenism and Hellada

Chapter 1: Hellenism: Alexander the Great and His Legacy

Chapter 2: The Meta-Religion of Hellenism

Chapter 3: The Historians and Geographers of the Hellenistic Era

Chapter 4: The Philosophical Paradoxes of Hellenism

Chapter 5: Under the Authority of Rome 

Part II: Christ and the Hellenes

Chapter 6: Christianity and Hellenism in the First Three Centuries: The Catacombs and Philosophy

Chapter 7: Byzantium as Rome

Chapter 8: The Pure Platonism of Hellenism: The Polytheists 

Part III: Dogma, Councils, and the Division of Civilizations

Chapter 9: Christian Platonism in the 4th-5th Centuries

Chapter 10: Byzantium Becoming Greece: From Justinian to the Isaurian

Chapter 11: Byzantinism and the Empire of the Greeks 

Chapter 12: The Final Configuration of Byzantinism as a Civilization and Spiritual Style

Chapter 13: The Decline of Byzantinism 

Chapter 14: Byzantium’s Theological Finale

Chapter 15: Surveying the Byzantine Logos 

Part IV: After Byzantium

Chapter 16: The Greeks in the Ottoman Period

Chapter 17: Megali Idea: Great Liberation 

Chapter 18: Greece in the Modern Era 

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