Noomakhia: The Horizons and Civilizations of Eurasia – The Indo-European Legacy and the Traces of the Great Mother

Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia: The Horizons and Civilizations of Eurasia – The Indo-European Legacy and the Traces of the Great Mother
(Moscow: Academic Project, 2017)

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Table of Contents: 

Part I: The Transmission of the Turanian Covenant: The Altaic Invasion 

Chapter 1:  The Altaic Pole

Chapter 2: The Huns: The Pivot of the Turanian Historial

Chapter 3: The Heirs to the Huns: The Bulgars, Sabirs, Avars, and Hungarians

Part II: The Turks in the Elements of Turan

Chapter 4: Sources

Chapter 5: The History of the Turkic Empire

Chapter 6: The End of the “Blue Turks” and the New Peoples

Chapter 7: The Second Empire

Chapter 8: The Religion of the Ancient Turks and Shamanism

Chapter 9: The Turks and Islam: The Sufi Logos

Chapter 10: Turkish Sufism: The Paths of Al-Hallaj

Chapter 11: The Ottoman Empire of the Source: The Ottoman Formula of Integration

Chapter 12: The Turano-Mediterranean Empire

Chapter 13: The Ottoman Empire and Europe (The Christian and post-Christian World) 

Chapter 14: Modern Turkey

Part III: The Mongols

Chapter 15: The Ancient Mongols

Chapter 16: Genghis Khan: The World Emperor and Son of the Sky

Chapter 17: Mongol Religion

Chapter 18: The Great Powers of the Mongol-Sphere

Chapter 19: The Mongols after Empire

Chapter 20: The Mongol Logos and Buddhism

Part IV: Tibet

Chapter 21: Ancient Tibet

Chapter 22: The Era of Theocracy

Chapter 23: Bon: Ahura-Mazda in Tibet

Part V: The Manchus

Chapter 24: From the Mohe to the Jurchens

Chapter 25: Manchuria and the Qing Dynasty

Chapter 26: The People and Spirits of the Evenki Universe

Chapter 27: Tungusic-Manchurian Shamanism and its Noological Classification

Part VI: The Paleo-Asiatics

Chapter 28: The Paleo-Asiatic Peoples of Eurasia

Chapter 29: Paleo-Asiatic Religion: The Structures of the Northern Spirits

Part VII: The Great Mother and Her Raven

Chapter 31: The Uralic Group

Chapter 32: The Urals in Sacred Geography

Part VIII: The Horizons of the Caucasus 

Chapter 33: The Cartography of the Caucasus 

Chapter 34: The Georgians: Sakartvelo, the Light Country

Chapter 35: The Adyghe

Chapter 36: The Vainakh

Chapter 37: The Historials of the Peoples of Dagestan

Chapter 38: The Religion and Myths of the Eastern Caucasus 

Chapter 39: The Noology of the Caucasus 

Conclusion. The Turning Point of Noomakhia

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