Program of the Eurasian Youth Union


Translator: Jafe Arnold


The American Enemy

The Americans are building their world empire in which there is no place for us. It has no place for Great Europe nor Free Asia. It has no room for Russians, Germans, Frenchmen, Turks, or Chinese. This is the empire of the New Carthage in which reigns the killer, Moloch, slavery to usury, plutocracy, the omnipotence of speculative capital, the dogma of decline and decay, the abominable morals of profit and degeneracy.

They are taking away our past and depriving us of a future. We are bent over like a coil, and they want to uproot us from our native land.

There is no one upon which to pin hope. The government is distraught and weak. The enemy is strong and insidious.

Today, not only Eurasia, but the world spirit is decaying under the soft strategies of globalism.

But this will not succeed, for we are called to be the last bastion. If not us, then no one.

The Youth of Eurasia are the Last Hope

We, the youth of Eurasia, are the final hope of the country, the continent. A general mobilization is hereby declared. At stake is the freedom of the Fatherland, the very existence of Great Russia.

The enemy is closing in on our borders. He is outside and within.

In order to resist the external enemy, we must do away with the internal enemy. The internal enemy are supporters of the US, globalists, thieves, idiot officials, degraded TV hosts, sleeping philistines, and conformists of all stripes. They are the resident agents of the external enemy, and it is they who are preventing the country from gathering its spirit and putting up a final fight.

The Great Purge

We have come to proclaim the era of the Great Purge.

Our goal is to create a new army, an army of Eurasia.

We are ready to forge the Eurasian Revolution.

We are the heralds of will and lightning, the children of the ancient peoples of the continent – Slavs, Aryans, Turks, Finns, Ugrians, Mongols, Paleo-Asiatic peoples, and peoples of the Caucasus. We have all been sentenced by the architects of the “worldwide McDonald’s”, and our sacred lands and groves, temples and cities have already been bought up and pawned. There is no future for us besides enslavement by the new masters of the world in the soft concentration camp of the Golden Billion.

We are rising up to take power over our own fate into our own hands.

The Dead and Revolution

Our dead, those who built the ancient empires of Eurasia, who crushed enemies in their millions and spared neither themselves nor others in the name of a great purpose, run through our blood.

Today we are told that these oceans of red blood were spilled in vein, and that living by repenting on our stomachs is cozier and smarter. This is the choice of reptiles. Our choice is the upright gait of the master, the bearer of great will.

Our choice is the Eurasian Revolution. Our destiny is the crimson sunrise. Our destiny is the feast of spiritualized flesh, a marriage of mind and will.

Today only the free and mighty warrior, awakened from slumber, is capable of yielding new children for our Fatherland. Only the healthy and strong woman who is confident in herself and the people will nurse the present generation – an abundant one, full, lush, and capable of restoring our planetary might.

Our Goal is Empire

Our goal is a Eurasian Empire. In it will be a place for all peoples and cultures. But only the wisest and strongest will rule, and their selection will be ruthless.

Our ethic is that death is better than shame. If you cannot be strong, it’s better to not be at all.

Our style is fidelity to our roots and leaping into the future beyond prohibitions – boldly, but relying on the treasured heritage of our ancestors.

We would betray the heroes of antiquity, the great empire-builders of Eurasia, if we do not create something greater than they did. And only when we extend our borders from ocean to ocean will the eyes of our dead shine with a quiet, transparent light. They, our ancestors, did this! Otherwise, the dead will not leave us in peace.

The Greatest Duty

You have a different duty and a different path, that of the young path towards the Eurasian Revolution.

The Eurasian Revolution will give you meaning, it will make you valuable. Through it you will gain a mandate to be, fulfillment, prospects, dignity, and matrimony. Likeminded are drawn to likeminded, and in the Eurasian zones we will concentrate the best and the most needed. We will teach you truth, make you wise, strong, and beautiful. We will show you your place among the chosen, and provide you with a path to the top.

The country needs new people, new cadre, new children, new forces – joyful and merciless ones. These are the squadrons of the Eurasian Revolution. For them we hereby declare Eurasian recruitment to the Eurasian Youth Union.

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